Motivation Monday; Week 1 Update

I had a really interesting comment from BingingOnABudget on my monthly goals post regarding goal setting. I agree with her in that setting weekly goals and regularly keeping you all updated on my progress will certainly help me become more accountable.

This post begins the Motivation Monday mini series I want to do. The intention is to set weekly goals and reflect on the old ones. I also want to share my achievements and my progress regarding larger ongoing goals. So here goes;

Bullet Journal

Update my habit tracker daily and research collection ideas.

I like the idea of using my bullet journal for other things such as wish lists etc rather than day to day planning.


Continue using my water reminder app and drink 1L or more a day.

I fully understand I should be drinking 2L plus in the day but I’m really struggling to drink any; baby steps for now!


Research how to use pinterest for promoting my blog.

I really love pinterest so I want to get into using it for blog purposes. It seems appropriate to work out how to use it effectively first. (Any guides are most appreciated!)


1 post this week and draft or post the next.

This one depends on whether I am super busy but ideally this post will be the first and then if I have time I might post Friday. Either that or have something drafted and ready to proof read and upload.

Larger Goals

Lose Weight

I’ve joined a gym again. 😀 I’m also watching my calories and just making better decisions.

I plan on posting my change in weight weekly. I might post my full figures one day but I’m not quite comfortable with that yet. I’ve taken my starting weight which is a good 3kg lower than what it was in August of last year.

Run A 5k

Aha! I’ve totally got this one in the bag! I’ve decided I want to do the Norwich 5k Bubble Rush this year.

I’ve recorded my time for my 5k and also plan to record what my difference in time is. I also want to record how often I do it and how long it is until the 5k race.

Let’s be friends;



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3 thoughts on “Motivation Monday; Week 1 Update”

  1. I’m with you on the drinking water. I’ve been drinking around 1ltr a day too, it’s hard to drink so much when it’s not the greatest thing in the world. Someone gave me the advice to add a few pieces of fruit to it and it worked out for me. I’ve been cheating lately and adding a very tiny drop of squash into it, but every little helps.

    Hope you smash all your goals! X

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  2. These motivation Monday posts look great! I actually have the same goal as you with drinking more water, I don’t know why but this is such a tough one for me. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

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