Motivation Monday 8 Week Beginning 14/05/2018

Happy Monday my wonderful friends. 🌹 Hope everybody is doing well! I’ve got an update for you all regarding my weekly goals.

[Past Week Round Up]

Try the Miracle Morning

I’ve been doing this! I’ve been waking up at 5.40 rather than 6.30 and as I successfully manage to stay awake and productive at that time I’m moving the wake up time back. It’s so weird because I never normally wake up this early but I seem to feel so clear and know what needs to be done for the day.

I haven’t been using the exact SAVERS method but I have been doing some organising and planned which is helping set me up for the day. When I move out it will be easier to exercise etc in the morning. This being said I’m going to reserve the mornings for planning for now!

Complete House Paperwork

Done done done! I know right, I’m shocked too. Who is this new productive lady? 😂 I set aside 30 minutes to get everything done one evening last week and actually did it without distraction.

More New Music

Yep! Release radar is pretty cool for this and I’ve been stalking Kalyn’s Spotify more than I already had been. I’ve already found some new favourite and songs to add to my monthly favourites playlist.

I might start posting my playlists and my thoughts on each song as a monthly post. What do y’all think?

No Crying

Okay so… I may have cried once. That’s like 3 times less than the previous week. So we’ll call this one partially successful.

Product Inventory

Oops. Maybe not. I’ll do this soon. Moving on… 😛

Week Commencing 14/05

Social Media Goals

I have written down some individual goals for my twitter, Instagram, WordPress and also my facebook page. I’m not going to show these just yet but I’ll let you all know if I meet them. 🙂

Budget For After I’ve Moved Out

I want to get into the habit of following a strict budget. I’ve also seen roughly the benefits of overpaying my mortgage payments so want to do that as often as I can. I also want to make sure I’m accounting for other larger costs by money saved monthly. I have a terrible habit of just paying it when it comes up and leaving myself short for the rest of the month.

Product Inventory

Yes yes. I know :p

Plan Two Posts A Week And Draft All Remaining Posts For This Month

So at the moment, I have a good idea of what posts I’m going to do. I’m awful in that I get inspired to write then will write the whole post in one go. That doesn’t happen often though. I want to try and work on multiple blog posts at once to maximise how many I can get done.

This being said I’m going to start this Fridays post now! Does this mean I’ve nearly completed it? Maybe. Good start though…

Finish The Miracle Morning Book

I’m really liking this book and am currently 33% of the way through according to my Kindle. I am reading for a half hour in the evenings and 10 mins in the mornings. Hopefully, that and the weekend means I can finish it by next Monday!

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