Blog & Life Update


Blog & Life Update

So hey guys. This one’s gonna be a bit of an update. There are a  few ideas I’ve been toying with lately and have decided to implement them. Well, I’m 90% sure I want to… Telling the Internet means I have to though right?




The first thing blog-wise I want to let you all know is that I’ve started a second blog! It’s called KBChaosMusic for now but it may change in the future. I want to use this as a platform to highlight new artists, my favourite songs and album reviews as well. If I’m being honest I’ve created the logo and the actual site and not a lot else… 

If you’re a new artist or know someone then, by all means, send me a message or comment below. I’m not fussy about the genre but I prefer something with decent vocals. If it’s live too, that’s even better!

I’m going to have a regular posting topic other than goals on this blog. Shocking I know. 😉 I’ve been thinking a lot and talking to a lot of people about how I’m interested in tarot. I’ve yet to decide what form these posts will take yet but I’m open to suggestions! I was thinking about doing a daily card draw and showing them all weekly with an update on how the days went. 

I was also thinking about having a theme for the other weekly posts that aren’t goals. I’m leaning towards motivation and organisation at the moment because I’m trying a myriad of things myself to try and be more productive. (Today I’ve sat in my comfy clothes since this morning and played Minecraft and watched TV… We’ll look past that.) Anything I can use to even achieve a little more will be a win! 



I’m in the middle of buying a house. I’m fairly certain you guys know this by now anyway… This being said I’m going to have to be an adult and actually start budgeting, saving money and also doing more over time. I’ve been looking at all my expenses as it was part of my goals last week and I’ve already found a way to save myself £100 + a year as it is. I’ll make sure to post about it soon. 

Oh, so, I also got back with Jack as well. Things are very different now and that’s all I really want to say on the subject as I know that a lot of people close to me in real life read this. He’s really cute and I’ve got a good feeling about this. He’s also helping me with checking off my 19 by 2019 goals as well so I really can’t complain. He also dresses impeccably and smells nice. ❤

I’ve worked out that everyone on my Twitter loves a good follow/comment/ like spree. I posted about reaching 1200 twitter followers last week and I’ve already got to 1300 since then. I got a ton of views and comments etc from this and have been reciprocating as well. I’ve met some great people already and look forward to doing the same thing weekly! 🙂 

My mental health has been a lot better recently too. I’ve had a few moments where I just want to cry or hit something but I’ve been a good girl and managed not to. This includes a verbal altercation with a work colleague that left me wanting to punch him… Hard. This being said I managed to rise above it and got on with my work. It annoyed me like crazy but I didn’t bite back as I normally do. Maybe being calmer through meditation is helping?


That’s it for this quick round-up of updates. To summarise:

Tarot posts, new music blog, moving, Jack, meditation, happy! 

Let’s be friends;






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