Why I Chose Tarot and 3 Lessons I’ve Learnt So Far


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chose to get involved in Tarot for a few reasons. The most prominent was the fact that Kalyn Nicholson had gotten a Tarot deck for Christmas and I was really intrigued. I’m also not a religious person and have been trying to find some kind guidance as I’ve been feeling very lost lately with what I want to do.

I also saw a really ethereal display in the window of Waterstones and I picked some up from there in the end. I chose the traditional Rider-Waite deck which I’ve been told is good for beginners. I also picked up the Good Tarot as well as The Book of Tarot: A Modern Guide to Reading the Tarot by Danielle Noel. Her book is very beautiful and gives concise interpretations and some questions to provoke deeper thought. A must-have for a beginner. 

Tarot has taught me so much already and I’ve been learning a lot as I go along so I’ve decided to document what I’ve learnt so far. Keep reading to see what I’ve learnt!


You don’t have to receive your cards as a gift.

The whole idea of tarot is that you base a lot of it on how you feel. You can, of course, receive cards as a gift but you don’t have to. I’d heard before a lot around not being able to buy your own cards as that makes them unlucky but I did some more research and found that this is actually a myth according to a lot of people. I played around with the idea of asking someone to buy some for me but that really defeats the object of receiving them as a gift.

The first deck you choose can have a lot of bearing on your readings and how you go on to interpret the cards and their meanings. There are now thousands of decks to choose from and I would suggest buying your own deck based on which deck you feel drawn to. A lot of tarot card retailers will have a few cards out for you to look at and feel so you can make sure you have a real connection with the cards. I’m going to be doing a post soon on tarot for beginners so look out for that.


Cleansing your cards is very important.

I’ve been doing a few readings here and there for myself and my other half. I’ve also been reading in the meantime to learn as much as I can between readings. I’ve also learnt the issues with overusing the cards. My other half and I did a few readings and then kept constantly pulling “bad cards” with bad connotations. I asked my Tarot group on Facebook and they recommended that I cleanse my cards in either a Moon Bath or by resting Rose Quartz on them and leaving them out for a few days.

I’ve yet to moon bathe them but by keeping the rose quartz with the cards for a few days my readings seem to have changed dramatically. I have got an app now which tells me when the next full moon is and it’s in 26 days so I’ll wait until then to report on that in particular.


Don’t use the cards as a party trick.

When I mentioned to a few different people that I had started reading tarot cards a lot of people asked me to do readings for them. I agreed and did a few readings for family members but have since understood that you both need to be very connected to the cards and come to cards with an open mind and potentially a few questions. It’s not something to be used as a party trick to impress your friends, as much as you may want it to be.

So there you have it! My first Tarot post. What did you think? 🙂 

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12 thoughts on “Why I Chose Tarot and 3 Lessons I’ve Learnt So Far”

    1. I’ll keep you updated! Yeah my readings have been a lot more consistent since the cleansing as well. 🙂 xx


  1. I recently bought the Rider Deck but have felt too overwhelmed with all there is to learn to really get into them. Thank you for the book recommendation — I’ll look for it.

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  2. Loved this! I used to read and ran a tarot blog. I loved it so much, but I let others suck out all the best parts. This post makes me smile and inspires me to maybe break out one of my old decks.

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      1. That sounds awesome. I’ve been debating on it. I learned when I was a preteen. It got me through some tough times. I always think of putting some tarot related things into my blog. Thanks for the good vibes!


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