Motivation Monday 9 Week Beginning 11/06/2018

mm 9

Live In The Present

Kalyn Nicholson is a very influential person in my life and I’m sure you’re all aware of this by now. I listened to her podcast this morning and it kind of linked to a feeling I had yesterday.

One of her most recent podcast was on breathing in the moment and can be found HERE. she makes a very good point that we are all looking towards the “later” and the “one days” and not the fact we’re actually alive right now. I kind of felt like this yesterday as Jack and I walked down to the town centre. The sun was shining and everything was quiet around us and I was suddenly so aware of how much I miss by being on my phone and listening to music 24/7.

I love music but I need to make a more conscious effort to enjoy the moment I’m in without a soundtrack. 


Inbox 0 

I keep telling myself that I’m totally fine with having around 500 emails to look through but shock horror; I’m not. I am awful for making sure that I delete junk emails as I get them and then spend an hour or more sorting them every few months. I also want to get into the habit of unsubscribing from any emails that I really don’t want to get any more. 


Stick To A Night Routine

I have been so ridiculously sleepy the last few weeks. I’ve been finding it hard to stay awake past 8pm most evenings and not a lot in my life has changed. I have been having very fitful dreams but I’m also painfully aware I have no sleep/night routine in place either. I tend to fall asleep watching TV and it’s not normally very friendly viewing either. I will be posting about my new night routine later this week so keep an eye out for it! 


Calm Down 

I’ve been noticing a lot that my fuse is getting a lot shorter. I try to be a generally cheerful person but I’m really struggling at the moment. My work place is super stressful and there have been a few issues with my house so I’m pretty stressed as it is. I’ve tried meditation before and that seemed to work quite well at calming me down. I’ve also found that writing out my feelings seems to help too. I’m going to try these and actively try and remain calm. 


Declutter 500 Items 

I saw a YouTube video the other day where someone was doing a 1000 item declutter. She recently downsized her house with her family and felt like she had far too many items. I want to take a leaf from her book and donate/ discard or sell 500 items before I move out. Hopefully I can do 1000 before I move but I’ll start here. I’ll try to remember to either write down or take photographs of all of the items as well. 

Let me know if you’ve tried this?

Let’s be friends;



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