Motivation Monday 10

Last week was a total write off. You may have seen on my social media that my Mum got ill and has been in the hospital since last Monday. Annoyingly she’s not got much better and all the tests they promise to do aren’t being done. This being said she seems a little better now and I need to try and get back to some amount of normalcy. Below are a few laid-back goals for the week to try and ease me into life again.

New motivation monday2

  • Stay Calm

I’ve said this a lot lately; the time between me feeling calm and losing my sh*t has lessened considerably. Given that my mum has been unwell I’ve been seriously struggling with eating and drinking because I get worried. I want to focus my week on being calm and getting back to the usual routine that I follow. Between mum being ill and my being ill before that I’ve been left somewhat off kilter and confused.


  • Do More Chores

I will be honest and say that since Mum has been unwell I have realised just how much she does around the house. I’m also moving out very soon *fingers crossed* so need to learn to do this more and make myself some form of routine for cleaning. I want to try and do at least one chore a day, even if it’s tidying my room as well.


  • Check Off A Few To-Do’s

First of all I suppose I need to write these. I’ve tried daily to-do’s and I just end up getting upset when I don’t achieve everything. I think I’m going to try and have weekly and monthly goals and just check them off when I can throughout the week. I also do pretty well when I have something to look forward to. Maybe I’ll find myself a reward or two. Watch this space for an update.


  • Keep Up With My Social Media

I love social media so much. There are so many sweet people out there who care about me online and support my blog and my views. That’s a really nice thing to know when I’m having down days. I find Twitter and Instagram to be my favourite places to make friends and get help with all sorts of topics. I like Facebook but only a few groups I’ve joined. If I can hit my social media goals for a few weeks/months running I might treat myself to my own domain and paid WordPress subscription.

What are your goals this week?

Let’s be friends;



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5 thoughts on “Motivation Monday 10”

  1. This past week has been pretty crap for me to so I get how you feel. I’m mostly just trying to come to terms with what going on in my life and having to be okay with it. I hope your mom starts feeling better soon 💙

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