Motivation Monday 11 ~ 13/08/2018 Weekly Goals

I’m going to start this by saying I feel like I have been in the process of buying my own home for the last like 100 years. All jokes aside it’s been since May and the end may finally be in sight! This being said the whole thing has made me super stressed out and I’ve been lacking in the self-care / goals department.

Keep reading to see what my goals are for this busy week!

  • Engage on social media once a day (Twitter and Instagram for now!)

I understand that at the moment a lot of people are doing the opposite and trying to spend less time on social media but I really am seeing the benefit. There are a lot of wonderful people I can engage with and have been talking to. There’s also a lot of helpful and positive content being posted as well. I just need to remember to not take the criticisms and trolling too seriously.

If you want to be my friend and help me reach my goal then you can find me on Instagram and Twitter.

  • Read 2 chapters of 1 or 2 books

When I move into my new place I won’t have a TV in my room and at the moment I can’t sleep without it on. I know this is SUPER unhealthy and if I’m being honest I just end up watching rubbish random stuff as well. Not exactly conducive to a productive life!

This being said I want to try and read a few chapters of a few books I’m reading at the moment. I’m sharing what I’m reading currently on Goodreads so we can be friends there. I might do a post on Friday about what I’m reading or want to read; some kind of book post. 🙂

  • 1-litre of water a day

Awful, awful, awful. I know that this is literally less than half of what I should be drinking a day especially given my kidney issues. I fully understand I need to be drinking a lot more water but baby steps eh? 💦

I’m going to keep a diary for a week and keep track of my health and how I’m feeling and whether it’s making a huge difference. I struggle a lot with being tired all the time so hopefully more water will help?

  • 30 minutes guitar 🎸 / a hobby 📝 3 times a week

I’m really struggling to find the energy to do anything other than play minecraft and watch gaming videos on YouTube. (don’t judge okay?) so I want to focus on using my time more productively. Yes, I like playing games and watching videos but they’re not getting me anywhere.

There are a lot of things I also enjoy that will help add value to my life. I want to keep writing blog posts and my book; also making more music on YouTube again! 💖


I’m not sure if you heard but I’m moving. I know right? Totally shocking news! I want to make sure I stay on budget so I don’t start off living alone with horrendous debt.

That being said I was nearly derailed by a carpet mess up but that’s all sorted now at no extra cost. That money I can spend on pretty things. I mean save? Shh. Pretty things are important too! ❤️
Let’s be friends;




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