Motivation Monday 14 ~ 3rd September Weekly Goals

How is it September? Like, seriously. August was a crazy month for me and I finally ended up moving out so my goals have kind of gone by the wayside. I’m finding my own routines in my house and it’s beginning to feel more and more normal so I’m going to try and make a few leaps as far as goals go. 


  • Get a week ahead on blog posts

This one is a little ambitious but I’m pretty sure I got this. I’ve managed to set up a space to take blog photos as well so hopefully, the calibre of the pictures will slowly increase! I’m also making a little more time for my blog now too, regularly. It’s going pretty well so far. 


  •  Read a book 

A whole one. Yes. At the moment I keep picking up and putting down like a million books. I want to try and focus on one book and actually finish it. I’ve been looking forward to Catcher by Kalyn Nicholson for what feels like years and I actually want to finish it so I can get super excited about the next one… (Keep an eye out for a reading list as well… ;))  


  • Finish unpacking boxes

This one will be really hard. I’ve got a few crazy weeks coming up and am also trying to put in some overtime at work. Safe to say my free time will be limited for a few weeks. I do still have a lot of boxes to unpack although the majority of my things are now where I want them. There’s still a lot of things that I want to get rid of as well. 


  •  3 “types” of exercise 

Exercise makes me feel better; period. Nah, but seriously when I’m sulky and stressed out then going for a run actually wears me out and calms me down at the same time. I’ve also started doing yoga now as well which is actually a lot physically harder than it looks. It is helping me concentrate and focus though which is a truly amazing thing. 

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