Motivation Monday ~ October Goals 2018

September was a tough month; everyone I talk to seems to agree. This being said I have decided to mix it up and give myself monthly goals. It gives me a little longer to actually achieve things and accounts for minor setbacks. Keep reading to see what I’ve decided on…

Lose 10 Lbs

I’ve been really awful the past few weeks with eating out and not making the best choices. I have actually gained a few pounds and the idea was actually to be losing weight. Weight loss is really going to help with some of my symptoms as well so it’s something I really need to think about more. I’m going to try a mix of extra exercise, water and better food choices.

Take All Of My Medication

This may sound like a really easy one but I’ve been so awful at taking my tablets. There is one particular tablet that I can take whenever and it doesn’t make a huge difference if I don’t take all of my doses throughout the day. This is the particular one that I’m awful at taking on time, if at all. It’s obvious I’m on these tablets for a reason so I need to take this all more seriously.

Get My Shit Together – Part 2

A lot of you related to this one last time it came up here so I want to revisit this one. I listened to Kalyn Nicholson’s podcast the other day and she talked about not writing off the end of this year because it’s nearly the end of the year. This being said I want to re-evaluate where I am in my life and what I want going forward in every aspect of my life. As morbid as it sounds we don’t live forever and I need to try and cease every moment that I can.

The C Word

I love Christmas but annoyingly I always leave things to the last minute. I’ve had a lot of ideas about what I want to do for Christmas presents this year and since I’ve moved out I need to be clever with my budgeting as well. I want to try and have some idea of what I want all of the presents to be. If anyone has some gift guides they could link me to then that would be great! 😉

Take More Photographs

I have an amazing camera and now I am in a new space I have been getting so much inspiration for blog and Instagram photographs. I also want to do some research on photo editing software that I can use and a few posts on blog photos and flat lays that I can set up myself and use as inspiration.
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