January / February Reading List 2019

The weather in the UK has taken a turn for the colder and all I really want to do is curl up with a few good books. This being said I’ve selected a few I want to read this month and next month. Keep reading to find out what I’ve chosen….

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert


I’ve already started reading big magic and it’s one of those books I’ve heard so much about so I just had to give it a go! I also discovered Elizabeth Gilbert on a podcast recently and she speaks so beautifully and has the softest calming voice, that’s not weird right?


I wasn’t sure how I felt about the first few pages but I’m slowly falling more in love with this book and can’t wait to read the rest of it!

You Let Me In by Lucy Clarke

This is a book that I got approved for on Netgalley (Kindle) and have been dying to read ever since. Again, this is one that I’ve started and it’s really well written and keeping me interested. The premise is that a writer lets someone Air B’n’b her house and then when she comes back there have been some strange goings on.
I have a few guesses about where this is going but I’m really hoping to be proved wrong if I’m honest. I’ve never read anything by Lucy Clarke but I’m really enjoying it so far!

Sacred Powers by David Ji


Finally, one book I haven’t started yet. I had a moment the other day where I just felt so confused and unsure of what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. I’m going to call it my quarter life crisis :p I’ve heard so much about sacred powers through Kalyn Nicholson that I thought I would finally pick it up.
I’m super excited to read it but want to finish big magic first. I am somewhat of a serial starter of books đŸ˜®

Catcher by Kalyn Nicholson


I don’t feel like I need to say very much about this one given it’s author. I still revere Kalyn Nicholson as the most inspirational person I follow on all social media and YouTube. I bought her book mainly because she wrote it, but I had also listened to her talk about it for what sounded like years and really loved the idea of it.
Catcher is very highly revered on GoodReads and Kalyn has mentioned that she will begin working on catcher 2 soon so I want to make sure I’ve thoroughly digested this book before the second one arrives. Plus the cover is so beautiful too!
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One thought on “January / February Reading List 2019”

  1. I love love love big magic, and it’s something that I feel like I need to reread soon! The one book I was curious about was Catcher. I love Kalyn, but I wasn’t sure whether the book was going to be good or not? I would love to know your thoughts about it once you finish reading it! Great post xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com


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