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I talk a good game on my goals about what I want to achieve and a few days later I stop because I either forget or purely get in a sulk and don’t want to any more. I’m going to try a few different ways of keeping on track per week and will report on how the previous week has gone with whatever method I have tried. I’ve written a few things below that I want to focus on and work on this month. Keep reading to find out what I’ve decided on:

Plan ahead

So… If you saw the number of planners and organisers and notebooks I own you’d think I was the most organized person ever. This is not at all true. I love notebooks and stationary and I love the idea of being organised but I always end up falling off the wagon or forgetting. I have a really horrendous memory so have already taken to writing everything down as it comes into my head so I don’t have to focus on remembering everything. 

I’m going to make use of my beautiful planner and stickers and make sure I stick to it for at least a month. If I hate it then I can always switch it up, right? Right. 


Share something every day

I have recently found quite a few cool “things” lately and want to make sure I share more as they have made a big difference to me and wish I’d known about them sooner. I’ve also been trying to make sure I learn something new every day as well, no matter how big or small. I’m going to keep a list of things I have and can share for the rest of the month of May. 


Work out / hit my step target 

I have recently bought a Fitbit Versa; there was a lot of drama with my first one but long story short they replaced it and it’s awesome now. I’ve discovered the community too and everyone is so nice and helpful. I have used a Fitbit for quite a while and it’s helped with the challenge aspect and I have gained so many new companions through the community tab. (If you want to be friends then you can add me >here< )

I want to make sure I hit my step target of 9000 steps a day consistently as I feel like anything less than that and I feel so sluggish and lazy. I’ve also been teaming this with MyFitnessPal to track my calories and weight loss journey. 

Get rid of at least 1 “thing” a day

You might have noticed that I have used the word “thing” a lot in this post. I really can’t think of any other word because this one relates to a lot of different, well… Things. I have been very overwhelmed lately and smaller events have triggered a huge meltdown, the likes of which I’ve never experienced before. 

I want to purge a lot of things this month and make it more of an ongoing practice. The plan is to get rid of everything that I can to try and minimize the amount of overwhelm I feel. An example of a few: emails, physical possessions, relationships, thoughts, habits. A complete overhaul. 

Self-care daily

Self-care is something that I have admittedly rolled my eyes at in the past as it always sounded to me like more of a fad or something people do to be “on-trend”. I have read more about it and I understand that it is more something that I need to focus on and can have a huge impact on my life and my mental health. My mental health has taken a dive lately and I want to try and offset this naturally with acts of self-care.


So there you have it. An actual post with actual content. I think I’ve got my blogging “mojo” back and can’t wait to create more content. 

What are your goals for May? Do you have any habit building tips for me? I want to hear about it below. 

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