30 Day Self-Care Challenge – Introduction

August has been a really strange month for me so far, the easiest way to describe it is demoralising. I have really been struggling with my mental health and just feeling awful physically and mentally. This being said I was talking to Justice and realised that I really haven’t been very kind to myself lately and some self-care might go a long way.

picture from Pinterest ❤

Keep reading to see what I’m including in my self-care challenge!

I have to admit my approach to this isn’t the most scientific as I googled 30-day self-care challenge and just chose the one that was the nicest looking to me. I have always struggled with accountability and want to try and remain accountable so thought sharing this with the blog might actually help. The plan is to post a picture of said self-care achievement for every day and post daily on how it’s going and how I’m feeling etc.

I know choosing to start this on 20th August 2019 is a really odd time to start something but I have been a victim before of the mentality of “I’ll start next week, month, year” and it never happens. I’ve chosen the challenge above by WantForWellness so check it out!

No time like the present people! If you want to keep up with how/ what I’m doing then, by all means, keep up with the blog and my social links below. If you want to join in then I’ll be posting under the hashtag of #kbselfcare (original right?) but really, the more the merrier!
Until tomorrow!


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