Motivation Monday 7 – Week Beginning 07/05/2018

Motivation Monday 7 – Week Beginning 07/05/2018

[Past Week Recap]

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Motivation Monday 6 – 30/04/2018

I have got the week off work this week so I am hoping to get a lot done. I want to make sure that I make a list of everything I need to do in May and before moving in so hopefully the majority of the organisational stuff can happen this week!
Keep reading to find out the plan.

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April Update/ May Goals 2018

I know everyone says it but I can’t believe that it’s already nearly May. That being said April has been a rollercoaster for me so I thought I would update you on my general happenings in April and what the plans are for May. Keep reading to find out…

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19 By 2019

19 Things I Want To Achieve Before The New Year

So originally I was going to do a 25 before 25 post but I’ve got less than 4 months until my birthday so that seems a little crazy. I liked the idea so I’m going to do a 19 before 2019 post instead. Keep reading if you want a look at my plans for the rest of the year! Continue reading “19 By 2019”

Motivation Monday Update 4

Update On Last Week

Update My Habit Tracker Daily

I’d say this one isn’t a win but it’s close. I’ve been using it so much more than I was and have done a few new pages that I’m really proud of! I started the habit tracker on the 19th so hopefully having a full month will give me some more insight.
Do Some Overtime

I was so ready for overtime on Saturday and actually went to work super early but then the systems weren’t working properly. Given that and the fact I’d had an awful day Friday I threw the towel in before equipment got damaged… 🙈
Good Language Days

F**k no. I kid. Sort of. I did terribly at this. I’m doing okay so far today and I’ve said more than 2 sentences! It’s in my habit tracker so hopefully, I’ll get there eventually. I’ve just been very angry and upset this week so I’ve not had the inclination to try and stop. ;(
Comment On 10 Blog Posts

Done this one! I win. Seriously though, it’s really nice getting to know people and commenting on their posts. I know how much it makes my day better when people comment on my posts so it’s only fair to pay it back. 💖

Larger Goals

Lose Weight

I’ve been trying to make better decisions and drinking more water. It also helps that I was still in a lot of pain therefore unable to eat very much. That being said I have managed to lose 2 kilos compared to last week therefore my net loss is 1.1kg. Wooop!

Weight update: -1.1 kg

Run A 5k

No further updates on this one again. I haven’t been to the gym in a little while. Not gonna’ lie I was just sad and not feeling like doing anything to be perfectly honest. I’ve got a few days off so hope to use them to go to the gym in the mornings because I find it easier to go there early.

Goals week beginning 26/03


This one sounds like it might be a joke as a goal but I’m serious. I’ve been in a lot of emotional and physical pain recently and I’ve been freaking out… This isn’t good for me. Especially given my health issues anyway.

I’m going to try and get back into meditating daily to see if this helps me remain calm.
Start Reading a Book

I’ve got so many books that I want to start reading so I’m going to pick the one I want to read the most and make a start. My progress will be documented on GoodReads. I’m trying to decide between You Are A Badass and Light is the New Black.
Spring Clean

I want to spring clean my closet in particular. I’ve been looking into moving out and I have a million times more stuff than I need. A lot of stuff I haven’t worn in months or years. I slowly want to get to the position where I can have some semblance of a capsule wardrobe where all of my pieces work with one another.
Daily Tarot Card Readings

I really want to do more tarot card readings. I also have a few books on tarot cards and their meanings so maybe I can kill two birds with one stone! I’ve got some really beautiful cards and they really interest me. I want to look into when to read my cards and other things other people do. I’ve seen some people read one card to set things up for the month but I’m not sure?

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Motivation Monday Update 3

Update On Last Week

Bullet Journal

HA! This one I am so proud of myself for achieving. I bought a new bullet journal (an A4 one) in London and have written in my A5 old bullet journal the order in which I want my collections to go. I’ve also used it to draft posts as well. This one I’m totally gonna mark as done.
Drink Water

Yep, still awful but I’m getting there with the 1-litre plus. It’s one that I’m keeping track of in my bullet journal and hope to chronical how it makes me feel too. I’ve been told it will make me feel a million times better and help my skin too. I’m sceptical but I’ll keep an eye on it…
Take More Pictures

If you’ve been keeping up with my Twitter and Instagram then you will already know I saw Hamilton in London on Thursday and then spent Friday in London too. This being said I took a ton of photo’s and now have blog and Instagram content for days!
Read Before Bed and Switch Off

This one is unfortunately just a straight up no… Oops.
Larger Goals
Lose Weight

I spent a few days in London and also have a toothache from hell so I have been eating rubbish and sleeping a lot. This means that I’ve undone a lot of my hard work and this has actually really upset me. I need to try harder next week; I know.

Weight update: + 1.1 kg
Run A 5k

No further updates on this one either. I’ve had to postpone gym workouts because I have had to take most painkillers imaginable to counter my horrendous toothache. I’ve been totally out of it on codeine so the gym isn’t really where I should be right now. Fingers crossed I can hit it hard this week.

Goals – week beginning 19/03/2018

Update My Habit Tracker Daily

So my habit tracker is there for me to track my progress with certain goals but ironically I keep forgetting to fill it in. I want to make sure I use it this week as I have the new bullet journal and want to make the most of it. If you guys know of any cute layouts then that would be good! 🙂
Do Some Overtime

I know right. I’ve said this a million times. I’ve recently done a mortgage in principle application with my bank and realised I’m so close to being able to buy my own house so it’s given me the boost I need. I’m not going to put a number on it but any overtime is more than I have been doing so any is a plus.
Have A Few “Good Language” Days

I’ll admit it. Every other word that comes out of my mouth is normally an expletive and I know it’s something I need to curb. Hopefully by having it in my habit tracker and also not trying to stop altogether will mean that I can make headway with it.
Comment On 10 Blog Posts

I really enjoy reading posts and I love it when people engage with me and comment on my content so it’s only fair that I do the same. I read a lot of posts and taking the extra minute or so to give a response will totally be worth it.

Let’s be friends;



5 Favourite Friday

I’m writing this from a Bella Italia in the middle of London. Not bad eh? I thought I would round up my favourite things from this week.

1) Kindle Unlimited

I got an email recently telling me about the Kindle Unlimited deal where it was £1.99 for 3 months. Until this point I hadn’t really looked at kindle unlimited and didn’t know what it actually was. I’m an avid kindle reader and amazon prime subscriber.

It turns out Kindle Unlimited is where you can read essentially anything that’s on Kindle Unlimited can be read for free while you’re subscribed. I’ve found a ton of Kindle Unlimited books to read so will be sharing those on my Good Reads(link) .

It’s certainly worth checking out if you’re an avid reader. The best thing to do is see what unlimited offer first before you sign up because they tend to be less well known authors so I’ve chosen things based on ratings and subject but don’t know the author’s work.

2) Hannibal TV Show

My other half has a serious love for the TV show Hannibal so I thought I’d give it a go. It follows Hannibal as a psychiatrist set before the Silence of the Lambs film. The main focus, however, is the crime scenes and Will Graham, an FBI agent with an interesting way of empathising with the killer to solve cases.

I’ve just finished the first season and it’s so good! So many twists and turns that always keep you guessing. It also strays from the somewhat disturbing idea of cannibalism and is eluded to in beautifully presented meals. It makes it all oddly appealing looking. :S

3) Tarot Cards

I will shamelessly say that I have been looking for some tarot cards since Christmas when Kalyn Nicholson got some and showed them on camera.

I am intrigued by how they work and what they can teach me and others around me. I ended up picking up the classic cards and also some positive cards. They’re all so beautiful in the positive pack and I’m so glad I got them both.

So far they have been eerily good at predicting how my day has gone or will go. I did a tarot reading for a lot of my family and some of us got luck and abundance. We then went and bought some scratch cards for the hell of it and I won £10.

I’m thinking of starting a weekly or daily post where I do my cards and show you guys and see how well they prophesise my day. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in?

4) The Tim Ferriss Show – podcast.

I’m fairly sure if you’re from the states then you’ll have heard of Tim Ferris. For those of you who haven’t he is essentially motivational speaker and life coach. He also has a podcast and apparently a TV show I have learnt recently.

The podcast interviews amazing people and provides insight into their lives and how other people can become successful in their everyday lives.

It is seriously good at motivating me to live my best life and also helps me to get out of bed in the morning and be productive! Certainly worth a listen if you need some motivation.

5) Screen Unseen

If you have seen my Instagram or twitter you may have seen that I’ve been to Odeon’s Screen Unseen a few times now and absolutely love it! The premise is that you will see an advanced UK screening, guaranteed not to be a horror and aged between U and a 15. That’s all you know. Tickets are £5 so it’s a lot cheaper than regular tickets.

The movie of choice is hinted at with 4 hints during the month on twitter but they’re always literally the hardest to work out ever. Like ever. It’s roughly once a month on a Monday.

Recent films I’ve seen are;
Brigsby Bear 🐻
3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri 🗡️
The Shape Of Water 💦
and finally I, Tonya. ❄️

As you can see there have been so many award winning films already and to see them for £5 is crazy. Definitely worth a look!

Let’s be friends;